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Permaculture Jobs | Our Organic Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is where you earn income by promoting another brand, business, or product – in this case we are talking about organic affiliate marketing as a permaculture job option for you). Most affiliate marketing programs are set up so that you earn income based on the number of people who end up purchasing something out of the web traffic (or visitors) that you send. Click here to read more about Organic Life Guru’s affiliate marketing program.

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, it’s better to consider your efforts as an experimental side income and not a full time job. Just know that there are affiliate marketers who do in fact create full time incomes for themselves, and affiliate marketing becomes their primary job.

What’s in the Organic Life Guru affiliate marketing program?

When you become an affiliate, you earn a 50% commission when you send visitors to this website who end up purchasing a course. Once they click on your link, our system tracks them for 30 days. If at any time in 30 days they buy from us, you earn half the sale. The whole process is tracked through your own unique affiliate link. We’ll pay you via Paypal on a monthly schedule so be sure you sign up with the email address associated with your Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, no worries! When we send you your first payment you will be prompted to create a free Paypal account to receive your funds. Thanks for helping spread the word! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

This sounds like something I want to try. How do I get started?

STEP 1 – Sign up for our organic affiliate program here:

STEP 2 – After signing up, get your unique affiliate link from inside your personal affiliate dashboard. It looks like this:Organic affiliate marketing program


STEP 3 – Do some marketing. Your options include posting your unique affiliate link on your website, in an email to a person or group, on social media sites like Facebook, etc.

STEP 4 – Get paid based on the number of purchases that happened because of your organic affiliate marketing efforts.

Why do you market Organic Life Guru courses in this way?

Ethical affiliate marketing democratizes how advertising works. In the past consumers were (and still are) force fed advertisements they didn’t really want through main stream media outlets like television, radio, and many popular websites.

Organic affiliate marketing enables the small time permaculture style publisher with an online platform, email list, or social media following to publish content to a relevant audience with some affiliate links in the content. Here’s how everyone wins…

  • The buyer gets recommended to a good product from a trusted source.
  • The trusted source (you) earns an affiliate commission and the satisfaction of helping someone find what they’re looking for
  • The course teacher and publisher earn income that allows them to continue their work in the organic growing and permaculture fields.

There are only 2 rules when it comes to the Organic Life Guru affiliate program. You can’t buy for yourself through your own affiliate link. And course teachers can’t be affiliates for their own products. Both these actions would be considered double dipping.

Permaculture jobs – 2 very different options

If you are looking for permacultture jobs and you prefer a more traditional hourly or salaried job, you might be better off looking for work on sites like Good Food Jobs. If you’re more entrepreneurial and like the challenge of getting paid based on the effectiveness of your level of influence and promotional abilities, try becoming an organic affiliate marketer for Organic Life Guru. Also these options are not mutually exclusive in the permaculture jobs arena. You can do both!

I wish you well on your exploration of permaculture jobs. There is great satisfaction to be had when your work aligns with your values and interests! The permaculture and organic gardening niches need more marketers and effective advocates to help spread the word. Organic affiliate marketing helps make your advocacy efforts more sustainable by providing some income for your hard work and dedication.

Sign up free here if you’re interested: