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Permaculture Design Course Online

Are you looking for a permaculture design course online? The Permaculture Institute offers internationally recognized in person courses with Scott Pittman and a very talented teaching team. Here’s a video of one of those talented teachers, Durga, where she teaches about invisible structures in permaculture.

Permaculture Design Course Online_How to build a swaleIf you are exploring permaculture design courses online, the course here at Organic Life Guru is worth considering. There is no real equal substitute to experiencing a permaculture design course live in person, but if cost, travel, or time availability is an issue, our online permaculture design course can give you a lot of great knowledge, and you can work through the video content at your own pace. This is not a certification course (If you would like PDC certification, please go here). The online version here at Organic Life Guru is more for people who just want access to the video material and would enjoy working through the material at their own pace.

If you’re here reading this post, you’re likely committed to bringing more sustainability into your immediate life, your community, and your world. In celebration of that fact and to celebrate the release of this video content in the world, we’re having what we call a launch party… Click here to get instant access to this permaculture design course at 20% off.